Are You Living Your Brand?

Written by Carl Armijo

On February 4, 2020

Everyone is not your customer. There may be a ton of people that purchase your product, but that’s not everyone. Dig deep and research your ideal customer. See if you can answer these important questions: What are their spending habits? Values? Concerns? Needs? Where are they hanging out online? How does your product/service solve their problems?

By answering these direct questions, you will begin to win over your ideal customer. The closer you focus on solving their problems, the more connected they will feel to you and your brand. You want them to think that you designed the brand specifically with them in mind.

It is imperative when communicating that you exchange information about your products and services, in the same way, your customer talks. For example: if they are high class, intelligent, and money-filled, speak to them with sophistication and style. For the free-spirited young adults, don’t confuse them with Robert Frost like metaphors; simply connect with your audience on their level.

Employees, friends, community members, and clients must know the personality of your business. E, employees need to be familiar with you and carry out the persona inside the brand. Great ways to do this are to hire those you believe already possess the desired traits. Hosting company parties, being a part of community events, and relaxed company meetings are all great ways to show off the brand you have worked so hard to create.

Next, use your brand, logo, and tagline on company marketing collateral. Marketing collateral includes web sites, advertising, public relations, e-mail, business cards, letterheads, and product packaging. Place your brand on any objects related to your products or services that may get into the hands of your customers.

Society is always changing. It’s essential to evaluate and re-evaluate your brand. Simple changes without changing your overall message are needed for survival. Grow with and ahead of your customers. Don’t let your brand get left behind.

Carl Armijo is a Louisville Kentucky Headshot Photographer and Podcast Host of 502 Entrepreneurs. His passion is to help coach you to look and be your best to improve your online image presence.

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